Power of Love Greece


The popular show, Power of Love Greece, aired its first episode on

Skai TV on June 30, 2024. 


Hosted by Katerine Karavatou, the program promises to captivate

audiences with its unique format, where singles live together in a

house and try to find love, forming genuine connections and

experiencing real emotions. The show, with episodes filled with

love, drama, and unforgettable moments. continues to broadcast

on Skai TV. 

Tentados Por La Fortuna

Grand Finale

The captivating show, Tentados Por La Fortuna, concluded its

season with a grand finale on Azteca Uno on June 22, 2024.


After a season of intense challenges and engaging moments,

Freddy Bautista emerged as the winner. The season was marked

by thrilling competitions and memorable events that kept viewers

on the edge of their seats.

Survivor Greece

Season 7 Grand Finale

'Survivor Greece', which broke rating records every season it was

broadcast on Skai TV, made its 7th season grand finale on

June 26, 2024.


Hosted by Giorgos Lianos, in "Survivor Greece", where the

competition did not slow down throughout the season,

the contestants from the Diasimoi and Maxites teams competed

fiercely. After a challenging season, Daniel Nurka became the

newest champion of "Survivor Greece" with his physical and

psychological strength. 

Survivor Türkiye All Star 2024

Grand Finale

Türkiye's most watched reality show

"Survivor Türkiye All Star 2024" made its grand finale on

June 13, 2024, on TV8.

This year for the first time of “Survivor Türkiye All Star 2024”s

history,  the winner selected with live challenging final parkour

game. On the final nights game, Ogeday and Nefise fought to be

the winner of "Survivor Türkiye All Star 2024". After a long tough

season Ogeday Girişken crowned as the newest champion of

"Survivor Türkiye".


The grand finale of “Survivor Türkiye All Star 2024” ranked as No1

in all ratings.

La Isla Desafio Grecia y Turquia


Produced by ACUNMEDYA, “La Isla Desafio Grecia y Turquia”

made its premiere on Azteca Uno on June 10, 2024.


This year contestants from the three teams: Intensos,

Rebeldes and Desconocidos will compete in the amazing

environment not only in the unique texture of Türkiye but also in



Hosted by Alejandro Lukini, " La Isla Desafio Grecia y Turquia"

continues to broadcast on Azteca Uno.

Survivor Mexico – Season 5 Grand Finale

One of the most watched TV reality show “Survivor Mexico”

Season 5 made its grand finale on June 7, 2024 on Azteca Uno.


Hosted by Carlos Guerrero, record breaking reality show

“Survivor Mexico” met with great interest from the audience with

its 5th Season.


Fearless contestants from Halcones and Jaguares teams

competed fiercely with extreme conditions during “Survivor Mexico”

Season 5. After a though season Esmeralda Zamora become the

champion of  "Survivor Mexico " Season 5.

Survivor Croatia & Serbia

3.Season Grand Finale

The grand finale of the popular reality TV show 

“Survivor Croatia & Serbia” was broadcast on Novas.Tv in Serbia

and NovaTv in Croatia on May 30, 2024. 


Hosted by Mario Mlinarić and Bojan Perić, the fearless contestants

from both teams competed in extreme conditions. After a

challenging season, Luka Rimac and Tijana Jeremić became the

champions of “Survivor Croatia & Serbia”. 

Survivor Romania All Star

Grand Finale

'Survivor Romania' All Star, which aims to find the strongest 

and most ambitious contestant in Romania, broadcast on Pro TV

screens, on May 30, 2024 with its grand finale.

During the season hosted by Daniel Pavel, the All Star contestants

competed with challenging conditions. At the end of the

months-long competitions, Zanni Dache became the

“Survivor Romania” All Star champion with his successful performance.