La Voz Kids

New Season Premiere

“La Voz Kids”, the kids version of popular show “La Voz”,

premiered on March 22, 2021 on Azteca Uno. Talented 

kids with amazing voice will perform in front of the fabulous 

coaches Belinda, Mau & Ricky, Camilo and María José through 

the joyous season.“La Voz Kids” continues to air on Azteca Uno.

Survivor Romania

Season 2 Premiere

After a very though first season, “Survivor Romania” Season 2

premiered on January 9, 2021 on KanalD Romania.

The contestants of the two teams, Faimoșii and Războinicii,

will face challenging obstacles and games to be the champion of “Survivor


Hosted by Daniel Pavel, “Survivor Romania”s premiere night

ranked as number 1 an all demos and continues to air on KanalD

Romania by breaking rating records.

Survivor Türkiye


The long running reality TV hit “Survivor Türkiye” premiered 

on January 9, 2021 on TV8. 

Courageous and adventurous contestants, divided into two 

teams as Ünlüler and Gönüllüler based on their celebrity status, 

are ready for the intense experience. 

Records breaking competition “Survivor Türkiye” airs on TV8.

MasterChef Türkiye

Season 2 Grand Finale

After a long and very competitive season, “MasterChef Türkiye”

made its grand finale on January 3, 2021 on TV8. Two finalists

Serhat Doğramacı and Barbaros Yoloğlu, were tasked with preparing

the best meals to win the competition and they had a difficult final challenge.

Serhat Doğramacı who combined good cooking with style, was crowned the

new winner of “MasterChef Türkiye” Season 2.

Exatlon Hungary

Season 3 Premiere

“Exatlon Hungary” Season 3 premiered on December 28, 2020 on TV2.

The ultimate challenge of the contestants began! “Bajnokok” and “Kihívók”

teams are ready to fight for the big prize.

Sports reality competition “Exatlon Hungary” continues to air on TV2.

La Voz Grand Finale

The phenomenon singing competition “La Voz” made its grand

finale on August 31, 2020 on Azteca Uno.

After an incredible season filled with tears, laughter and music

“Fernando Sujo”, from team Nodal, was crowned the winner of “La Voz”.

Survivor Greece

Season 4 Premiere

Popular reality TV show “Survivor Greece” Season 4 began

airing on December 27, 2020 on Skai TV.

Expected with great interest and hosted by Giorgos Lianos,

premiere night of “Survivor Greece” ranked number 1.

“Survivor Greece” is back on screens with extreme success

and continues to air on Skai TV.

Survivor Mexico

Premiere 5

“Survivor”, the most popular and thrilling reality game show of all

times is on air in Mexico for the first time.

Produced by ACUNMEDYA, “Survivor Mexico” will have its contestants

compete in the rough conditions of a deserted island, undertaking

complex challenges to be crowned the champion of “Survivor Mexico”.

“Survivor Mexico” premiered on July 5, 2020 on Azteca Uno!