Tentados Por La Fortuna


The newest production of ACUNMEDYA, “Tentados por la Fortuna”,

made its first season premiere on May 27, 2024 on TV Azteca.


Hosted by Sergio Mayer, the contestants, as the name says, will be

tempted on multiple occasions with comforts, "luxuries" or items

that they do have in their day to day, if they fall into them, they will

lose money from the final prize, thus reducing the amount each

time they give in to temptation.


“Tentados por la Fortuna”, continues to broadcast on TV Azteca.

My Man Can


The newest season of TV game show "My Man Can", started to be

broadcasted on May 18, 2024 on Skai TV.


Acunmedya, surprised the Greek TV audience with the premiere

of the new "My Man Can" game show with a new season.

In My Man Can, contestants will face off with the other contestants

by betting on the willpower of their partner, pushing them to

max-out doing challenges. With the host Fanis Lampropoulos,

in each episode of "My Man Can" couples will compete to win the

various games. The show is full sporting activities and tests that

require sharpness and flexibility. 


"My Man Can" continues to be broadcast on Skai TV 

Survivor Mexico

Season 5 Premiere

Phenomenon TV reality show "Survivor Mexico" Season 5 made its

premiere Azteca Uno on March 11, 2024.

The new season of "Survivor Mexico", which attracts great interest

from the audience every season, will be hosted by Carlos



In the newest season, competitors from the Halcones and

Jaguares teams will compete fiercely. Throughout a physically and

psychologically challenging season, contestants will compete to

become the “Survivor Mexico” Season 5 champion.


Exatlon Mexico

Season 9 Grand Finale

The world's most challenging sports reality program,

"Exatlon Mexico", broadcasted wit its Season 9 grand finale on

March 10, 2023, at Azteca Uno.


During Season 9 of "Exatlon Mexico" hosted by Antonio Rosique,

the contestants competed fiercely in red and blue teams.

After a hard-fought season, Pato Araujo and Mati Alvarez became

the "Exatlon Mexico" Season 9 champions.

Survivor Česko & Slovensko

Season 3 Premiere

The first episode of the phenomenon reality TV show

"Survivor Česko & Slovensko" Season 3 was premiered on

the Voyo digital platform in Slovakia on February 27, 2024.

The beloved reality show will start airing in Czechia on Nova TV

on March 5, 2024 in Czechia. 


Hosted by Ondřej Novotný, fearless contestants from the Lovci

and Titáni teams are ready to fight in a season full of challenging

conditions. "Survivor Česko & Slovensko" will continue to be

streamed on both platforms during the season. Contestants will

compete fearless in the newest season of

”Survivor Česko & Slovensko" to become the champion.


"Survivor Česko & Slovensko" continues to be broadcast on Nova

TV and Voyo.

Exatlon Estados Unidos

All Stars Grand Finale

The long-time running sports reality show

“Exatlon Estados Unidos” All-Stars made its grand final on

January 22, 2024 on Telemundo.


Hosted by Frederik Oldenburg, after months of competition

and physical challenges, the grand final started with a duel

between: Caterine vs. Susana and Emmanuel vs. Kelvin. 

After the first round, the final duel happened between "El Vaquero"

Kelvin Noé Rentería and Susana Abundiz.


After a season filled with many surprises and twists that challenged

the contestants like never before, Susana Abundiz became the

newest champion of "Exatlon Estados Unidos" All-Stars.


The former successful soccer player lifts the trophy for the second

time and becomes the first two-time champion of the

“Exatlon Estados Unidos”!

Survivor Romania

Season 5 Premiere

Legendary TV reality show “Survivor Romania” Season 5 made

its premiere on January 16, 2024 on Pro TV.


Hosted by Daniel Pavel, record breaking reality show

“Survivor Romania” meet with great interest from the audience with

its, 5th Season. Fearless contestants from Faimoșii and Războinicii

teams will compete fiercely with extreme conditions during the

Season 5.


"Survivor Romania" Season 5 continue to broadcast on Pro TV. 

MasterChef Türkiye All Star

Grand Finale

Türkiye's most watched cooking competition,

"MasterChef Türkiye All Star", made its grand finale on

January 7, 2024 on TV8. 


During the season of "MasterChef Türkiye All Star", ambitious

and experienced contestants prepared their most creative and

delicious plates to the chefs to win the title of MasterChef.

After the countless successful dishes they prepared throughout

the season, Esra Tokelli and Tahsin Küçük presented their

signature dishes to the chefs live on the final night.


“MasterChef Türkiye All Star” ranked first in the ratings on the final

night. Esra Tokelli became the champion of

"MasterChef Türkiye All Star" with her successful performance.