Exatlon is a sports-reality format where two teams of physicallyfit and sportive

contestants including Olympic athletes, football players, celebrities and everyday

people with sportive skills compete at specially built challenge locations.

Exatlon contestants, who all are chosen after certain sports and condition tests,

compete in highly challenging parkour groups to perform at their highest level.

Each contestant aims to win the parkour competitions that test their potency, 

sportive and motor skills and stay competitive throughout the show,

all of which leads to the main objective; to be the champion of Exatlon.

EXATLON MEXICO EXATLON SLOVENYA Exatlon Romania Exatlon Estados Unidos Exatlon Hungary


The Voice is a reality talent show in which the country’s top recording artists must

select some of the nation’s most promising unknown vocalists to coach. But the

selection process is not easy, because the coaches must make their decisions

based on the voice. And voice alone. The coaches on rotating chairs hear the

superstar candidates perform but they don’t see them. If one of four coaches or

all of them are impressed by the candidate’s voice, they push a button to turn the

chair in order to select the candidate for their team. If more than one coach

pushes the buttons, the power then shifts to the candidate to choose which

coach they want to work with. If no coach pushes their buttons, the singer

is eliminated from the competition. 

O Ses Türkiye The Voice of greece LA VOZ KIDS Lavoz LA VOZ SENIOR


The reality-competition show Survivor places a group of people in an isolated location,

where they must provide food, fire, and shelter for themselves. The contestants

compete in games for rewards and immunity from elimination. The contestants

are progressively eliminated from the game as they are voted out by their

fellow contestants, until only one remains and is given the title of Survivor.

Survivor Greece Survivor Mexico Survivor Romanya Survivor Türkiye


MasterChef is a competitive cooking reality TV show where contestants

who want to be titled as MasterChef display their cooking skills and try

to impress a panel of judges, that are world famous chefs. The competition

takes place in a large kitchen studio setting with several cooking stations

for each contestant. The contestants are challenged to perform a list of

cooking techniques or styles, or to replicate a particular cooking method for a dish. 

Master Chef


Got Talent is a variety talent competition show that allows individuals or

group contestants of all ages and talent to compete. In Got Talent,

contestants make their performances in front of famous judges and

they try to take most “yes” from them in order to pass on the second

round and compete until the finale, where the most talented act is

chosen by public vote.

Yetenek Sizsiniz türkiye Got Talent Greece Got Talent Mexico



My Style Rocks is a daytime studio-based fashion competition show. With a

weekly budget, contestants go shopping to buy new outfits to present at the

catwalk which must fit to the theme of the week. Contestants create a different

look for each episode and present it to the judges. Their style choices are

evaluated and graded by the judges as well as their competitors.  The one,

who takes the highest score, is chosen as the most stylish girl. My Style Rocks

is one of the most watched TV shows and continues to keep the audience’s

attention whenever it is broadcasted. 

Este es mi estilo My Style Rocks Greece



Power of Love is a reality show where men and women

are trying to find the right match to live the magic of love.

They have the chance to find love while living under the

same roof of Power of Love House. 

Women and men live in separate spaces, but they spend

half of the day together in front of the cameras. Through

these encounters with each other, they try to separate

their ideal mate from the others.

Power of Love Puterea Dragostei



My Man Can is a studio-based game show in which couples compete in rounds to collect

points and earn the chance to compete in the final round for the grand prize. The game is full

of sporting activities and tests that require sharpness and flexibility.  In My Man Can, you

will face off with the other couples by betting on the willpower of your partner, pushing them

to max-out doing challenges. If you bid too high, your partner may fail, but if you guess right,

you will win fame and fortune!

mi pareja puede MY MAN CAN